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Land of the Lost
H.R. Pufnstuff
H.R.Pufnstuf Complete Boxed Set!
Take a "trip" back in time to a place that made Saturday mornings come alive! HR Pufnstuf, one of the most popular and beloved television series, is presented this deluxe DVD package featuring every episode ever made! Travel to Living Island with Jimmy and Freddie, his talking flute, as they battle the evil Witchiepoo with the help of HR Pufnstuf and his colorful collection of friends.

H.R.Pufnstuf Movie
Did you know that in 1970, H.R. Pufnstuf graced the big screen? A song-filled movie depicting teen hero Jimmy's arrival on Living Island via Freddy the enchanted flute. There, he makes oddball friends and faces the dastardly Witchiepoo.
Runtime: 95 minutes


H.R Pufnstuf Vol.01 and Vol. 02 -
This DVD contains four episodes, a new interview with star Jack Wild, and two karaoke sing-alongs.

"The Stand-In"--Witchiepoo captures Freddy, but Pufnstuf hatches a plot to rescue him. Puf's sister, Shirley, visits the island to make a movie, and Puf arranges to have the director cast the witch as a stand-in to distract her attention so Jimmy can sneak into the castle.

"The Golden Key"--Jimmy buys a map from Ludicrous Lion that shows the location of the Golden Key, which fits into the Golden Door, a secret way off Living Island. To divert Jimmy's escape, Witchiepoo captures Pufnstuf and holds him in her dungeon.

"The Birthday Party"--Witchiepoo invites herself to Jimmy's surprise birthday party and steals Freddy by rendering the partygoers helpless with laughing gas.

"The Box Kite Kaper"--Ludicrous Lion sponsors a kite-flying contest in his scheme to sell kites, giving Puf an idea. Jimmy and Freddy will attempt to fly away from Living Island in a giant box kite--until Witchiepoo gets wind of their scheme.

Sigmund & The Sea Monsters

Sigmund & The Sea Monsters: Season One Boxed DVD set!
Sigmund Ooze (Billy Barty) is a green, scaly sea monster who can't seem to scare anyone. His family-Big Daddy, Sweet Mama, and brothers Slurp and Blurp-show their compassion by kicking him out of their cave at Dead Man's Point. But his luck changes when he is befriended by much nicer brothers Johnny and Scott Stuart (Johnny Whitaker and Scott Kolden), who keep him in their backyard clubhouse, away from the public eye. This is a tale of two families, as only the incomparable Sid & Marty Krofft could imagine it.Track Listings: Monster Who Came To Dinner, Puppy Love, Frankenstein Drops In, Is there A Doctor in the House?, Happy Birthday, Nasty Nephew, Monster Rock Festival, Ghoul School Daze, Curfew, Shall Ring Tonight, Sweet Mama Redecorates, Make Room For Big Daddy, It's Your Move, Trigger Treat, Uncle Siggy Swings, Dinosour, Show, Wild Weekend, Boy For a Day.

Wonderbug - Vol. 1
Episode 1: The Wonderbug Express-Shlepcar and his magic horn are held for ransom after Barry, CC, and Susan accidentally make off with a couple of crooks' counterfeit loot. To rescue Shlepcar, they disguise themselves as a band of hobos, but things don't go quite as planned. Episode 2: Shlepfoot-Susan's Uncle Arthur is pressured by Mr. Jenson, a mean land developer, to sell his precious land. Susan smells a rat and decides it's time to check out Jenson's operation and the stinky Sasquatch. Episode 3: The Big Bink Bank Bungle-A gorilla is chasing Susan, CC, and Barry around the zoo to get their bag of cash. If ever Barry and CC needed Wonderbug, it's now. But Shlepcar's magic horn is nowhere to be found. Episode 4: Shlep O' Clock Rock-After catching the thief who stole their surfboard, CC, Susan, and Barry learn it's all part of his initiation into The Red Vultures. He shows them his entire list of pledge duties, but it's not until later that Barry realizes their new friend is bound for big trouble. Hopefully, they can find him before something goes horribly wrong.
ElectraWoman and DynaGirl
ElectraWoman and DynaGirl, Vol. 1
Stars daytime soap opera star Diedre Hall. Episode 1: The Sorcerer's Golden Trick-ElectraWoman and DynaGirl are put on alert when their arch enemy, The Sorcerer, breaks out of maximum security prison and plans on using his power of illusion to hijack every ounce of gold held at Fort Knox. Episode 2: Glitter Rock-When ElectraWoman and DynaGirl's friend, King Alex, is kidnapped, they know Glitter Rock is behind it. He needs the king's Key Of Taurenborg, which contains a unique jewel that, once mounted in Glitter Rock's satellite, will amplify a hypnotic rock 'n' roll ballad, sending Earth's entire population into a trance.

Complete Boxed Set!
Any history of rock 'n'roll's British invasion must certainly include The Bugaloos, the four-bug rock sensation of Tranquility Forest. From the limitless imagination of Sid & Marty Krofft comes this Saturday morning TV classic from 1970. The Bugaloos features the comic villainy of Benita Bizarre, the lovable neuroses of Sparky the Firefly, and, of course, the musical virtuosity of four British insects named Courage, Harmony, I.Q. and Joy. So get back to where you've always belonged-in the Krofft universe of young heroes, goofy puppets, great songs, and a million laughs.

Far Out Space Nuts Videos

Far Out Space Nuts Vol. 1
"Tower of Tagot"--While Junior and Barney are on another planet, the beautiful Queen of the Serrians becomes imprisoned high in the Tower of Tagot. "Secrets Of Hexagon"--Junior and Barney get tricked into trading their ship for a mysterious hexagon key that supposedly operates a duplicating machine that can make a new spaceship to get them home.

Lost Saucer

The Lost Saucer - Vol. 1
Stars Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi. Episode 1: Where Did Everybody Go?-When Fum, Fi, Dorse, Alice, and Jerry answer a distress call, they encounter Mr. Keak, who turns Jerry into an invisible boy. Alice certainly can't take him back to Earth like that! They try to find Mr. Keak, but instead run into Commissioner Vroom, ruler of the disappearing city. He tosses everyone in prison-that is, everyone he can see. Soon cute, little Jerry makes his way to Vroom's office and wins the commissioner over. But will Vroom have a change of heart? You'll have to watch to find out. Episode 2: Get A Dorse-Because mechanical devices have been outlawed, Fum and Fi must stay behind while Jerry and Alice search for Dorse. They find Dorse locked to a treadmill, generating power for three nutty scientists. The professors are unwilling to give Dorse back, and, afraid Jerry and Alice will squeal, lock them up for good measure. Sensing something has gone wrong, Fum and Fi disguise themselves like humans and venture out to find their shipmates. They look ridiculous, and soon they learn there's more to being human than a new set of clothes.


Lidsville: All 17 Episodes from it's 2 year run!

When Mark (Butch Patrick) visits a theme park's magic show, he discovers a magic hat that shakes him into a bizarre world known as Lidsville! Premiering in 1972, this psychedelic Sid & Marty Krofft creation yielded 17 magical episodes in its two-year run on network television.

World In A Hat
Show Me The Way To Go
Fly Now, Vacuum Later
Weenie, Weenie, Where's Our Genie?
Let's Hear It For Whizzo
Is There A Mayor in the House
Take Me To Your Rabbit
Have I Got a Girl For oo Doo
Mark and the Beat Stalk
Turn in Your Turban, You're Through
Alias The Imperial Wizard
A Little Hoo Doo Goes A Long Way
Oh, Brother
Hoo Doo, Who?
Hold Hat Home
Great Brain Robbery
Mommy Hoo Doo

Other Krofft Videos
  7 pilot episodes

H.R. Pufnstuf - "The Magic Path"
The Bugaloos - "Firefly, Light My Fire"
Lidsville - "World in a Hat"
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters - "The Monster Who Came to Dinner"
Land of the Lost - "Cha-ka"
The Lost Saucer - "894X I love You"
Far Out Space Nuts - "It's All in Your Mind"

Special Features:

-Take the K-SAT (Krofft Saturday Aptitude Test)
-Lidsville commentary with comedian George Lopez
-Interview with veteran Krofft producer and writer, Si Rose in Krofft Chromavision

Vol. I:
*HR Pufnstuf
*Sigmund and the Seamonsters

Vol II:
*Land of the Lost
*Far Out Space Nuts
*Lost Saucer
*Electra Womasn and DynaGirl

Vol. III
*Dr. Shrinker
*Magic Mondo
*Bigfoot & Wildboy
*Pryor's Place

Krofft Books

Pufnstuf & Other Stuff : The Weird and Wonderful World of Sid & Marty Krofft
If you want a behind the scenes tour of the entire Krofft brothers history, then this is the book for you.

Filled with episode guides, lyrics to the songs from the shows, and in depth chapters covering all the Krofft shows you watched as a kid, this book is a must have for any Krofft fanatic.


The Red Wings of Christmas - By Wesley Eure
When a toy is broken and never to be played with, its little red heart flies out and breaks in two. The two halves of the broken toy circle the toy to make sure it is truly the toys time to leave because even a broken toy can be loved and still played with.

Satisfied, they alight on the back of the broken toy and unfurl, becoming large red wings. The red wings fly the toy to Santa's toy sack where every toy is repaired and made ready for another family.


Fish Out of Water
- By Wesley Eure
Reading level: Ages 4-8

When a berry slips from a bird's beak and falls into the water below for the fish to eat, a friendship begins between the bird and the fish. The bird teaches the fish to sing, the fish fetches seaweed for the bird's nest. Although they soon fall in love, all the neighboring animal, and even their own families, are skeptical and worry that there is no way the two can be together. A friendly mermaid with magical powers appears, and offers to grant their wish to be together. But even the mermaid's magic does not solve their problem. But in the end, bird and fish figure out a way to be together in this unique, yet timeless tale in celebration of love and differences. Wesley Eure's highly acclaimed and recommended story is uniquely and memorable illustrated by the Meredith College Art Department.

Krofft Music

Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits - Various Artists

While not exclusively Krofft, it does feature tunes from the Bugaloos, H.R. Pufnstuff and Sigmund! Add songs from Fat Albert, Hong Kong Phooey, Speed Racer and many more and you have a must have CD!

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