Sleestack Costume

This is the Land of the Lost Halloween Costume made by Ben Cooper in 1975. The flame retardant jumper features pictures of the three Pakuni, while a somewhat large Sleestack comes at them from behind some trees.

I always wondered why the jumper didn't look like a Sleestack body, but instead featured scenes from the show on it. Sort of like dressing up as Darth Vader but having a death star blowing up on your chest instead of some lights and panels and stuff.


Here is the box the costume came in. The 60% rayon and 40% vinyl jumper was folded up and stuffed in the box, then the plastic mask was placed on top. Many of these older costumes have the cellophane window torn to shreds, either from just sitting around too long, or having the somewhat large mask burst through the cellophane.

The plastic mask sports a large elastic band to fasten the mask to your head. A great way to keep the mask steady, an even better way to ensure some hair loss when you take the mask off.

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