Kathleen Coleman - Holly Marshall

Kathleen Coleman portrayed Holly Marshall on Land of the Lost for the entire run of the show. Her plaid shirt and pigtails became her trademark, and she was the first love for many who grew up watching the Land of the Lost, or so all the email I get tells me!

Sister to Will, daughter to Rick, you could always count on Holly to fill up a water jug or even rescue her dad in a pinch.

Small but wirey, tenacious and not about to play second fiddle to Will, Holly broke new ground as a female character who got her hands dirty!


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  Yes I know, hold your applause, I finally got a new picture of Kathy to put on the site. Not that I didn't want to put one up sooner, but she was out of town for a long while, and I really didn't think harping on her for a picture just after I met her was good manners. Now I know her well enough to bother her.

This photo was was taken on 11/25/78 at a pinball tournament at Golfland in North Hollywood Ca. The photo shows a young Adam Rich on the left, Scott Craig from the New Mickey Mouse Club on the right, and in between, yup, you bet, it is Kathleen Coleman, AKA Holly Marshall!

Thanks to Karen for the photo!


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