Adrian Lilly

I have been a Land of the Lost fan since I was a tiny little boy. I remember that I would be outside playing and I could sense without a watch exactly what time that the show came on. I would make a cave with my blankets etc and use a light bright for a weather pylon. I used to draw all the creatures expecially the sleestacks and Grumpy. I had a crush on Holly. I had a great interest in dinosaurs as I still do.

My parents liked my stories but did not have a clue what the illustrations were. I was very frustrated with my lack of artistic talent. I was going to give up on drawing altogether. I prayed to God to show me how to draw if that was his will for me to do so or I was just going to give up. I dreamt that night that I was being taught to draw ( using the contour line method). The next day I woke up drawing . My parents were stunned at how well I could draw. That miracle has changed my life.

Later in High School and College I found in art classes that the same method taught to me in the dream of drawing is the basis for teaching art. Now I am an ordained minister. I have a ministry over the internet. I see all of the art that I do as a testimony to the power of God and assurance that God does answer prayers.










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