Lunch Box

This is the Land of the Lost Lunch Box made by Larami in 1975.

What happy kid wouldn't love to take his baloney sandwich to school in this beauty?

This is the front of the lunch box, the side that would swing open to reveal treats from home and maybe a letter from mom reminding you not to trade your milk for a Ding Dong.

I sure hope Grumpy is distracted long enough to forget all about eating Chaka.


Here is the back of the lunchbox, showing the Marshall clan discovering Chaka for what looks like the first time. That or perhaps he is lost.

Notice Will doing some sweet tracking work by pointing out Chaka's many footprints.

And of course Holly is carrying the always empty water jug, to be filled at some point on every LOTL episode.

Look real close and it appears Chaka is holding a rock, ready to bean any member of the Marshall family who gets too close.

You go Chaka.

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