Sounds Great

Effects, dialogue, music and more, that is what this place is all about. Here is where you will find just the right bit of creepy background music or that perfect Sleestak hiss, ready to bring you back in time to when Krofft ruled Saturday mornings.

Huge props out to my buddy Matt for helping me out with this section.

  Eerie time passing effect #1 (83k) Click here
  Grumpy doing his thing (5.6k) Click here
  The Sleestak God (358k) Click here
  Zarn talks about Sharon (290k) Click here
  I am Zarn (180k) Click here
  Sleestak doing their thing (76k) Click here
  Charm the kids (212k) Click here
  Will and Holly find the Lost City (197k) Click here
  Enik tells it like it is (241k) Click here
  Grumpy gets pissed (117k) Click here
  Ta and Sa give Holly an earful (132k) Click here
  Leading Enik to the time doorway (204k) Click here
  Alice doesn't live here anymore (134k) Click here
  When Chaka speaks, people listen (147k) Click here
  Dad gives the word on the LOTL (194k) Click here
  Open the Pylon, but don't touch (53k) Click here
  A visitor (105k) Click here
  Will and Holly ponder the egg (209k) Click here
  Will explains it (109k) Click here
  And this must be Dopey (122k) Click here
  It's all about balance baby (158k) Click here
  Will names the Skylons (162k) Click here
  Pylon pals (139k) Click here
  Blue, red, green, yellow, oops (227k) Click here
  What is an Enik? (150k) Click here

If you have a favorite sound or bit o' dialogue you've been hearing in your head for the last 20 years, let us know and we might just get it online in time to save you from a mental breakdown.


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