Talking ViewMaster

This is the Land of the Lost Talking View-Master made by GAF in 1977.

Entitled "the Abominable Snowman", this set tells the story of Corny the Unicorn and how the Marshalls survive their encounter with the dreaded "Tapa" as the Pakuni refer to the Abominable Snowman.

Even Enik makes a guest appearance when he warns the Marshalls to set the little unicorn free or else the Tapa will come and hunt them down.

The full color cover slips off to reveal the View- Master reels and the story booklet inside.

Unlike traditional viewmaster reels, these of the talking variety have small, miniature records attached to the underside that contain the talking portion of the story.

Unfortunately, I don't own a talking View-master, so I can't tell you what sort of audio tracks lie within.

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