View-Master (1974)

This is the Land of the Lost View-Master made by GAF in 1974.

Entitled "Elsewhen", this set tells the story of Holly's mysterious encounter with "Rani" and The Marshall families fate at the hands of the Sleestak.

This full color cover shows the Marshalls with one of thei captors, Rani, and of course, your friend and mine, Grumpy.

  This is the booklet that goes inside the View-Master envelope. The booklet contains the whole story that goes along with the reels, and also shows some really small black and white photos from the episode which inspired this View-Master set.

Here are the individual reels from this particular Land of the Lost set. Not that everyone and their mother hasn't already seen a View-Master reel before, but I figured as long as I was showing the set, I'd better show the whole thing.

Gee, doesn't this all sound familiar?


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